Lawn update!

Okay the reveal you’ve all been waiting for! I have photographic proof my “lawn” is growing.

More info on that in a moment. If you want to see the before check out this post about where we started.

I must say I was all giddy with excitement to check on my grass seeds daily. Let me tell you, nothing happened. Like that old saying “watching the grass grow” snooze fest. In the meantime, I took the kiddos and went on an almost three-week adventure. When we came back I had grass. Well, some. Then I decided to feed the lawn. And because I was lazy to get the proper spreader from the shed I used what was easier to get to. Much to my embarrassment, my lawn shows it.

The good news, I have grass. The bad news, my lawn looks like this now. Stripes. In every which way. I used a drop spreader which has precise placement of the product on to the ground. Evidence in the photo above.

Tonight we planted another area with seed. Later this week I plan on using the correct tool, a broadcast spreader, to feed the entire backyard.

Here’s to learning how to grow a lawn (in the backyard where the neighbors can’t see).

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