Saddest lawn there ever was…

Here’s a quick post today about my yard woes.

I’m not sure if I could say my backyard had a lawn. It’s been struggling for years to live. When we moved in 5 years ago I really didn’t mind because we had other projects to finish that might damage the lawn. We’ve slid the almost two story shed across the yard. After that, we took a mini dozer and smoothed out a rather steep hill left by the builders. Then we used that dozer to auger out fence post holes.


From what I can tell the lawn was probably spray seeded using the original land map and not the revised map. So we have a huge wedge that is bare as well as patches (like car-sized patches) that have tufts of grass.

Shed in its final location (stakes are where we might put a greenhouse). Notice the light brown line? That’s a gouge mark left from moving the shed (it’s on skids). I can attest that I just about roll my ankle in that mark every time I walk to the shed. 

This is the area where we “leveled” out the hill. It’s still quite steep but is a nice to have in the winter for the kids to sled down. That hill is also the area where no grass seed was sprayed. It’s all rock and gravel. I did try transplanting some roses there but nothing stayed.

I’ve looked at all kinds of how to videos and DIY fixes. It’s just too much. I went and got some local seed mix (in AK we have local growers that offer Alaska hardy grass mixes), scratched up the top layer of dirt and put some seed down. If that decides to grow I plan on feeding it and moving on to some more areas to repeat the process.


Do you have any tips on repairing a lawn? feel free to share them in the comments.




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