Christmas Log Cabin Quilt

Hi there. Here is another quilt that was recently completed. Actually I am kind of proud of this. I completed the Christmas quilt BEFORE Christmas. Go me!


I pieced the log cabin blocks together from a Moda Jelly roll and some additional fabric (most of the creams and the green in the center and binding). This is another unfinished project that had been sitting for, well, a while. I really only had to prep the backing, sandwich the quilt, quilt and bind it. But still, done before Christmas is a big accomplishment for me.


The back is a holiday toile with pointsettas. Sorry I don’t have a picture of that.


You can see the star layout the I…ahem Mr. Sewluxesew chose. He likes to help me arrange quilt blocks.


I did an all over meander with some loops here and there. I had great plans of doing some custom christmasy quilting, but coming off of custom quilting the double wedding ring quilt, I was kind of burnt out, and out of time.

For the binding, I sewed it on in reverse order. Raw edges sewn to the back and then fold the rest over the front. This allowed for a decorative blanket stitch to be used as the finish the binding.

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