Double Wedding Ring quilt

Four maybe five years ago my mother and I decided to take a double wedding ring quilt class at a local quilt shop. I don’t think I would have attempted this quilt on my own, without a class. The pattern we used was the original Judy Niemeyer flowers for my wedding ring. It calls for paper piecing, curved piecing and applique (which I decided not to do). All I had never done before, so I am very glad I took a class. I had the top totally pieced and even layered in the quilt sandwich for, ahem, few years.

Well fast forward to this year and I have finally finished the quilting and binding.


It took me a few different sketches to decide on the quilting design. I knew that I didn’t want to do an all over design.  This is only the second quilt I have machine quilted myself. I sketched out a few different options for inside the rings. The wide open white spaces needed something special. So I  went with feathers. Here are my practice feathers along the border.


It was a lot bulk. I think the finished size is 6′ or 7′ square. I started out stitching in the ditch around the rings to baste the layers together before I started on any custom quilting. I tried using the walking foot for this, but ended up lowering the feed dogs and using my quilting foot. With the walking foot I found I would have to stop and pivot to go around the curved rings. The jumping quilting foot allowed for much more smooth curves.


Then worked my way out from the center of the quilt. Fortunately I didn’t end up with any puckers on either side yay! I was a little worried because majority of the quilt is on the bias and my piecing wasn’t the best.


I’m pretty proud of my feathers around the outside edges. I thought that they would take longer than it did but once you get in a rhythm you can start to move quickly. The only marking I did was the spine of the feathers. I wanted to make sure that they mirrored the curve of the rings and the spine was as close to the center of the white space.


Here is the top when I finished quilting it. Sorry it’s hard to see the detailed quilting. I left the excess on the edges so the scalloped border would not get stretched or warped while quilting.


This is what all the center of the rings look like.  I love the reproduction 20’s and 30’s fabrics. I think it is all the bright colors, and simple designs.


Next up, auditioning binding fabric (sorry for the blurry photo). I folded the back over and tested out two different fabrics. I went with the red as it has some yellow and cream in it that you can’t see in this picture.

UGH curved bias binding. It was one of those decisions that the quilt HAD to have scalloped edges without thinking that I actually have to put binding on it. Enter YouTube. I found a marvelous series on binding scalloped edges by Sharon Schamber. This was a total life saver. I literally watched the entire 5 video series and then played it again as I was preparing, sewing and finishing the binding.

IMG_2710Here is the bias binding attached to the front and the excess backing/batting finally removed.


I machine stitched the binding to finish it on the backside. The techniques that Sharon Schamber shows in her video totally made the difference finishing this quilt. Here is a look at the finished quilt.


2 thoughts on “Double Wedding Ring quilt

  1. I have just completed piecing a double wedding ring quilt. Your tutorial has given me some great ideas for quilting the top. Thank you.

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