New workspace

Mama’s got a new office, er, sewing room. What ever we call it I am over the moon about it. It was always on my unofficial checklist for a new house to have dedicated space for my sewing and for hubby to have an office. When we found a house within our budget and it has 5 bedrooms, I think we both started staking out which room would be for what. Mr. SewLuxeSew was super anxious for a while. He officially made an offer on the house BEFORE I had seen it in person. When I was able to see it about month later, all his fears were erased because it is perfect.

Anyway back to the new workspace.


I had a great time starting from a blank slate with the furniture arrangement. My family helped furnish this room with a, dare I say antique, dining room set! Which got a fresh coat of white paint and stain on the top, except the dining table and benches.


Here is the opposite side of the room. It’s a little messy as I was planning the quilting on a double wedding ring quilt top that had been hanging around for a, ahem, few years. (post coming soon about the quilting)


Here is where the machines live. I still need to find a permanent home for my embroidery machine. For now it is still packed in its original box.

Before we set up this room I took the time to paint/stain the furniture to match.


Book shelf in the closet. This is where I keep my fabric stash and books. We had to take the doors off the closet to get the bookshelf in.


Some furniture waiting to be painted white. Well all the same shade of white. The tops are on the floor to be stained dark. IMG_2506

Here is the bottom of the hutch. This was painted a cream color. So I stripped the paint from the top, re stained it, and then painted the bottom. IMG_2524

Here is the sewing desk. I think I was auditioning it in different locations. I thought that I would like to have the desk facing out so I was not staring at the wall when I sew, but it’s not practical. I would end up fighting with my fabric/quilts as I sew.


So for now…I love it. I have room to move around the “cutting” table that is in the middle of the room. I kept the benches tucked under the table incase kiddos or I want to sit and work on something at the table. Sorry for the dark picture.


I tried to keep my room as kid friendly as possible. Scissors/Rotary cutters are hanging high on the wall between the sewing machine and ironing board. The Iron is always unplugged and stored on the ironing board. I did find that the knobs on the serger are very tempting to turn and play with…so I guess I will need to sew a cover for it. For extra safety there is a baby gate up in the doorway for times when I am not in the room.

After packing up and moving almost all my craft supplies (some got donated) I got a reality check on all the unfinished projects I have. Here are some of the biggies…

  • 3 complete quilt tops – backing and batting already purchased
  • 3-4 unfinished quilt tops – majority of the piecing already done
  • fabric and notions for 2 perfect totes
  • 2 plastic tote bins full of yarn with hopes of practicing on the knitting machine
  • two embroidery CDs for quilt blocks
  • baby blankets for my kids 😦

YIKES!!!!!! Time to get to work…I’m running out of excuses.

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