Dekor diaper pail conversion

If you have a baby and that baby wears diapers you probably have a diaper pail. I tried to avoid having one, but could not think of a way to have the diapers take themselves to the garbage can.

We were given a diaper genie as a shower gift. It was lovely, but I exchanged it for the Dekor Plus diaper pail (and a bit of guilt for exchanging a gift).

I hate really dislike having products that can’t multitask. As lovely as the diaper genie is, it only does diapers and you HAVE to buy their refills.

The Dekor diaper pail was the only other diaper pail that could do a few things after we are done using it for diapers and it will work with regular kitchen sized garbage bags.

Once we made the switch to cloth diapers we needed to convert the pail to one that will accommodate the size of the cloth diapers and a cloth pail liner. On the Dekor website they give directions to transform the pail into a trash can. But the way they show you still must use their bag refills. Here is what I did to change my Dekor to use for cloth diapers (this is also how I would also alter to use with kitchen garbage bags).

Open your Dekor.

Remove the diaper insert  (oval with rectangle trap door) from the lid and the cartridge (oval tube with a lip at the bottom).

Take the diaper insert and put it somewhere you will remember what it is if you want to use it later on. I plan on using the Dekor in my craft room as a trash can after we are done diapering so I think that the diaper insert will go back on to keep little fingers out of the colorful fabric scraps and thread.

The take the cartridge and flip it upside down.

This is the key to making the Dekor compatible with regular kitchen garbage bags and cloth pail liner. The lip is what will keep the bags/pail liner in place.

The lip really holds the pail liner in place.

Here comes the tricky part, the cartridge must sit on the ledge inside the Dekor.

So do the best you can to get it to stay on the ledge while you close the lid (it’s a tight fit).

Most of the time it will not go perfectly on the ledge. That is OKAY. The cartridge will not fall to the bottom if it is not on perfectly.

The most important part is that the grey lid closes and locks in. If it does, the cartridge and your pail liner will not go anywhere.

The pail liner should hang freely inside. When you are ready to wash diapers / toss the garbage. Open the top lid and the front of the Dekor. Slide the elastic on the pail liner off of the cartridge and remove the pail liner through the front of the Dekor. Take care to keep the opening of the pail liner in one hand while you hand it to the other hand so diapers don’t spill out. I find that this is much easier to remove from the bottom than the top because the full pail liner can be kind of lumpy and catch on the cartridge.

On the outside the Dekor looks the same as before but can still be useful if you are not using disposable diapers.

4 thoughts on “Dekor diaper pail conversion

    • Hello Rachel. I made the liner in the photos out of PUL. I made sure to sew the liner with the water proof side facing each other then iron the seam allowance to fuse the PUL and help prevent leaks.

  1. I realize this is quite old, but I just wanted to thank you for saving me the headache of returning my Dekor pail. I’m about to have my first child, and feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m trying to be as “green” as possible and hated the thought of disposable diapers and pail liners and all that junk. Finding this made it possible for me to use my pail and keep my washable liners! Thank you so much.

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