Dog Wrap

I have been wasting a lot of time over the past years. And no, Pinterest is not to blame for this one. If you don’t have dogs I will not be offended if you skip reading this post.

Here is the offender. Ben.

German Shepard / Husky mix who likes to lay across ottomans and rest his head on the coffee table. Oh and lift his leg in the house.

We had him seen for a possible bladder infection when his habit started and luckily he was heathy and did not have a medical issue. He is just a macho kind of guy.

It is irritating that a adult dog who is potty trained was going in the house. But here is the kicker. He is not “going” to “go”. He is scent marking his territory IN MY HOUSE arrgh.

He will sneak off when we are occupied with other things and do this. Often we don’t know that it has happened until we find it / smell it (ick, sorry). We tried to be vigilant and keep an eye on him, re visit potty training with positive reinforcement for potty outside, and bought a male dog wrap. None of these seemed to help with the problem.

Ben is a big boy, not fat, just naturally big. He is 90 lbs+ and the top of his head is level with my hip. The wrap we bought (largest size they make) never fit well (too tight) and the fabric was almost the same color as Ben. It had elastic all the way around the edges (that seemed to chafe and pull at his fur),  only a layer of denim and flannel (nothing waterproof) and velcro closure.  I have to admit that we sent him outside a few times to do his business, not realizing that he was wearing it (sorry buddy) only to find a leaking mess and a dog in need of a bath. Needless to say this wrap went into the garbage.

After a while the marking seemed to stop, everything was right in the world. Then we moved. The old owners must have had animals because the marking came back something fierce.

So after many many many times scrubbing the carpet, walls, furniture, vacuum, etc…. I made my own wrap.

Well I made a few. I have a total of 5 (some are in the wash).

These are great and have a waterproof section.

I took it a step further and added straps to hold a diaper to hold the mess.

We have been using these night and day for about 4 months now. I am so happy to need to clean up after this guy any more! If there is a time when he marks in the house it is contained and held in the diaper. He remains clean and dry. It is no longer a frustrating moment for me. I just replace the diaper inside of the wrap or change out to a new wrap all together, no big deal.

I made them in bright colors to help us not send him outside with his wrap on. If we do, it’s not a big deal because the diaper helps keep him clean and dry. He seems to be very comfortable in his wrap. And the warp has helped with my frustration and anxiety leaving him alone in our house. Yay!

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