Baby Sling

I have been truly opposed to baby slings for a while. I must admit that it was an uneducated media driven opinion. When I was pregnant there was a big uproar regarding the safety of using a baby sling for fear of the risk of suffocation to the child. So immediately I mentally put all baby wearing devises that even looked like a sling on the mama black list.

Here is a story on baby sling dangers from MSNBC.

I must admit that I have had a shift in mind set. I happen to own two front carriers (Bjorn original and the Mesh Bjorn – I have a warm child). They are fantastic and do their job well except they do not allow him to sleep on his side/back while I am wearing him.

Faced with a long airplane ride 6+ hours in the middle of the night …I need an option to save my arms from falling off. I found a few baby sling tutorials here and here.

I put one together and tried it out. Works great! I am able to get him in and out of it and he looks comfortable.

Did we use this on the airplane…nope. I started writing this post and made the sling a few weeks before our trip. since then my son has had a growth spurt and started sleeping on his stomach regularly. So by the time that we got to really use it he did not fit (too tall) and he no longer wants to be on his back.

what we ended up doing is this…

Two tray tables + blanket = bed

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