Pill Pockets for dogs

Have you ever had to give pills to an animal? it sucks. We have a dog that has to take medicine twice a day for the rest of her life poor pup. We had been using bits if cheese or bread to hide the pills in. That worked for about a week until she got wise and would eat the cheese around the pill but not the pill. We found the Greenies pill pockets at the pet store and decided to try them out.

Success! She loved them. But we needed to buy two packages for all her pills each month. The wonderful pill pockets were getting expensive. Like $20 a month ouch.

Here is the breakdown

tablet size $9.99 for 30 = 33¢ each

The tablet pockets were generously sized so I started cutting the pockets in half. It worked great. We only needed to buy one package a month SUPER! We did try to cut a few into fourths but the were much too small to wrap around a pill. And cutting them into thirds takes too much time.

tablet size $9.99 for 60 = 17¢ each

Well we discovered that the capsule size is large enough to cut easily into four pieces.


Capsule size $12.99 for 30 = 43¢ each

Cut into fourths

Capsule size $12.99 for 120 = 10¢ each

Now I only have to cut up treats every other month.

This is what they look like when the pockets are all cut up.

I use a cheap container to keep them in. The pockets stay moist and are not crushed when we take them out and put them away twice a day.

Yeah we keep the dogs medicine in a cookie jar.

01-10-2013 Update: Our local Costco pharmacy is now filling animal medications AND they are carrying pill pockets. The medications were much less expensive than refilling them at the veterinary hospital. And the pill pockets are about half what they are at big box pet chain stores. So the new cost break down:

$7.50 (capsule size) for 120 = 6¢ each YAY!


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