Hanging cell phone holder

I saw this on Pinterest and could not resist adding it to my DIY to do list. Here is the link to the site that the tutorial is posted on.

I finally got around to trying it used up the last of the baby wash and had two empty containers so I tried out the tutorial and I have to say that it turned out great!

I cannot remember the last time I used Mod Podge. The moment I opened the bottle and smelled the Mod Podge thoughts of elementary school art class came flooding back. Funny how scents can do that. I digress…

Here are a some tips that might help if you want to try this tute also…

Draw the exact line that you want on the outside of the bottle. Then don’t cut on it. Well, the first time round you cut open the bottle just be concerned with removing excess. I used a small knife to cut a hole so I could fit the scissor in the bottle and start cutting. Then go around a second time and cleanly trim on your line.

I drew a template of the wall charger on some card stock. Then traced that on the center back of the holder. This let me center the placement of the charger in the center of the holder.

We have multiple devices that can be charged with our iPad charger so I made the hole in the back large enough to hang off that charger. But I did also try out the regular iPhone charger and it fit that as well.

Definitely sand the cut edges and the print off the bottle. I used baby wash and lotion bottles also and tried to remove the print with pure acetone. The print would not budge. I ended up sanding the entire outside too, hoping to improve the adhesion of the Mod Podge and fabric.

Mod Podge will be everywhere.
On your hands. It is okay to be messy, this stuff washes off with soap and water.
On your scissors. This is the kind of project that you use scissors that have been down graded from fabric only to anything goes.
And it might end up on the table so cover it with something disposable.

If at all possible put your fabric on the bias. The fabric will wrap nicely around the bottle curves and be a bit more forgiving than the straight grain.

It is difficult to pre cut the fabric to fit the bottle. I rough cut the fabric, put on Mod Podge, put on the fabric then trimmed the fabric again. Hence the Mod Podge on the scissor. This was particularly helpful when it came to covering the bottom of the holder. Around the top I left the fabric shaggy and trimmed once the Mod Podge dried.

Dont try to make the seam perfect. No one will see it.
You can see that the seam on this holder is diagonal. I used a scrap of fabric and could not make a straight up and down seam. But no one will know it was meant to be any other way. As long as the entire outside is covered, and the seam is in the back you’re good.

Once dry, use a sharp knife to trim the excess fabric and cut out the hole in the back. I actually used my scalpel style seam ripper. It is SUPER sharp and cut through like butter.

On the darker holder I did not like that the white plastic bottle was so flashy around the rim so I colored it with a marker.


They turned out great. I hope that my tips help!

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