Stroller Gate Check Bag Part 2

FAIL… well half fail. There are two parts that were difficult to work with.

  1. The strap to keep the stroller shut was not easy to feed through the wheels.
  2. The velcro at the bottom was not strong enough to keep the bag closed.

Sorry to the airport ramp agents that had to handle our stroller. Back to the drawing board with this one. Perhaps a zipper in place of the velcro?

I think that this needs some brain storming.

If you would like to see the original post click here.

********Update 07-14-2012************

I made a few adjustments to the gate check bag. I added a few plastic buckles in addition to where the velcro is (issue #2 above). It held up wonderfully! I did not change the way the stroller was held shut (issue #1). Still brainstorming that one.


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