Travel Crib Part 2

So we got back from our adventure. We had a blast seeing relatives, feeling the heat (86° in the shade) and experiencing new things (swimming pool, yay!).

If you have not read the first post on this and want to, here is the link to the travel crib post.

And the kennel travel crib worked great.

It was easy to set up and pack away.

In all the hotels that we stayed at the travel crib fit nicely next to the bed without rearranging the furniture. Yes you can rearrange the furniture in a hotel without any alarms going off :).

Here is a pic of the space between the bed and wall. I added a night-light that we packed. Hotel rooms get really dark in the middle of the night.

Here is the travel crib set up.

And the baby slept in it just fine. Yippie.

What worked best for us was to have the travel crib on its side (putting the zippered door on top). This may change as he gets older. I also ended up putting a blanket over the mesh door on the end of the travel crib to block the light from night-light that we used.

I had originally planned to add another mesh door on the top of the travel crib. After using the travel crib I don’t think that I will make any changes. I had an issue keeping it dark in the travel crib and I think would just end up covering the mesh sides anyway.

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