Travel High Chair

My baby recently started to eat solid food on a regular basis. Go baby go! While I was pregnant I re finished a high chair that I purchased used.

Here is what it looks like today.

I have been using pillows / blankets / toys to keep my little guy upright while he eats. I needed a better way to keep him secure and in place. I found two fabric high chair tutorials that were helpful here and here and decided to give them a try.

Pretty easy to follow tutorials. Basically the pattern is three rectangles. Here are the sizes I used 10 x 20, 6 x width of fabric, and 6 x 4.

I also did a few things that are not in the tutorials above.

1) I stopped a stitch or two before pivoting at the corners, stitched 1 -2 stitches diagonally, then finished the pivot.

When dealing with bulky seams this is the best way to get sharp corners.

2) I trimmed the excess batting from the seam allowance.

This removes the bulk when the fabric is turned right side out. Be careful to not cut the fabric when you do this.

We have been using this for a month or so and it works great. It is secure and comfortable for the little one.

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