Stroller Gate Check Bag

I have a Gate Check bag to cover my stroller when we travel. It is a one size fits all kind of item…  basically a big red bag that you shove the whole stroller into.

Looks pretty convincing. the whole stroller fits in the bag… great. Well of course not my stroller. Seems that the rear wheels are just a bit too wide. So I did some looking around the internet to see what other bags were available and saw this bag from Phil and Teds.

AMAZING!!!!! I love the design. I NEED this bag.

Well there are two problems with this.

1. I don’t have a Phil and Teds stroller (total bummer).

2. I don’t want to spend around $100 on a bag that may, need I say it again MAY, get use once a year.

But the bag does solve a major problem that we had last trip. The shuffle at the jet way trying to drop off and gather up the stroller/car seat as you board and leave the plane. We rolled the stroller down the jet way and put it in the gate check bag at the entrance of the plane. We did pre board but it still took some time to do. The alternative was to put it in the bag at the gate and carry the awkward bag to the bottom of the jet way.

So what does this mama do? I cut up the perfectly good gate check bag that had only been used one trip. GASP! I am confidant with my sewing skills, but it was a perfectly good bag that if we shoved hard enough the stroller would fit and we could live with it as is. But I just can not resist the urge to make something better suited to us.

So here is what I did.

My stroller will not stay shut enough to not drag when pulled. I made a adjustable strap from nylon, 2 D-rings and a ladder lock. It attaches to the diaper bag clips that I already have attached to the stroller handle.

After it is threaded through the front wheels and tightened the stroller will stay closed with about an inch of leeway.


For the bag.

I measured the stroller folded.

1. Floor to the highest point

2. Center of the wheel to the highest point

3. From the highest point (on the side that will face DOWN when the stroller is pulled) down and wrap around underneath between the wheels and up the other side to where I wanted the flap to attach and close

4. From the highest point (on the side that will face UP when the stroller is pulled) to where the stroller stops, but not all the way to the floor

If I was not working with a pre-made bag I would have also measured: widest part (right to left) and the thickest part (front to back) and add about 2″.

Then I marked and cut the opening of the bag rounding around the wheel cut outs.


I finished the seams by folding and top stitching then attached velcro closures.

Lastly I attached a handle on the side that will face down. This way the handle will help support the weight of the stroller as it is being pulled.

Here are a few pictures of the bag on the stroller.


To read how this worked out check out the update here.

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