Winter Wonderland

I guess i am surprised  that it is still snowing. Yes I live in Alaska. Yes it is winter. Of course there is snow…DUH. But not this much. I never have recalled there being this much snow in January. According to the local news we have record snow fall amounts for the season so far. It is something like 90″ (7 1/2 feet of SNOW).

The City’s snow clearing crew came by today to widen the street. One if the removal trucks got stuck trying to leave.

I think that the front of the snowblower (yellow truck) is about 5′-6′ tall. YIKES.

Some of the other exciting things that have happened this winter is the winds that came with this storm. It was so bad at one point that we could not see the street corner that is about 100′ from our home. We had a power outage that lasted a few hours. Typically it is not bad but it happened at dusk and it was about 30ish degrees outside. I closed all the blinds on the windows and bundled the baby for a nap.

Then did my nails by flashlight :). That’s normal right.

I used my IKEA Baby Gym on the table to hold the flashlight.

And the results were not to bad.

Yes grey tips with white polka dots. Kind of remind me of Cath Kidson’s items.

I leave you with a picture of the layers of snow build up on my windows.

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