Touchscreen Glove Tutorial

Now a days it seems more and more daily items that have a touch screen. I bought a pair of the smart phone gloves about a year ago and LOVE them.  I am surprised that I managed to not lose one or both yet. They were a little pricey in the $20 + range. I like to keep gloves stashed everywhere. Cars, purse, jacket pockets, diaper bag. Partly because I am forgetful but really because I live in ALASKA…and it’s cold all the time. So here is an easy affordable tutorial that can be done with gloves that you already have. I did purchase a few pairs of the cheep one size fits all gloves for around $1.50. so I wont feel so bad when I lose one… it will happen.


  • Gloves
  • Sewing needle (I recommend a cross stitch needle as it does not have a sharp tip for Knit gloves)
  • Metallic embroidery thread (I used DMC Metallic Pearl it lists that it is 34% Polyester Metallise. I tried to use Sulky Metallic sewing thread and it did not work. Only 1% Metallic Fiber)

Directions: First you need to decide what kind of embroidery design/stitch to do.  I picked a lazy daisy stitch and formed it into a flower. To begin, put on your glove. Insert the needle about 2” from the finger tip and back out around the center of the finger. Leave the thread tail long, about 4” – 5”, do not pull it into the glove and do not make a knot on the end.

Using the lazy daisy stitch create a flower with 4 or 5 petals.

Do not tie off the thread tails yet.

Turn the glove inside out. be careful to not pull the stitches while you do this step. You may distort your design.

Pull the thread tails out and tie them together. Cut the excess thread tails.

Repeat on the thumb and middle finger then on the other glove. Be sure to put the thread on the correct side of the glove.

3 thoughts on “Touchscreen Glove Tutorial

  1. hi so does the metallic DMC thread need to be in contact with your skin to actually be conductive or is it conductive to itself and can just be on the surface of the glove? TIA

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